Absent Student Notification Policy: If your Child is enrolled full-time or part-time you must let us know if he/she will be absent from Kiddos. Please send notice via TEXT MESSAGE OR PHONE as soon as possible.*After 2 times of not communicating child’s absence there will be $10 charged to account.

Appropriate Behavior: The safety and interests of your children are our primary concern. Teachers will use positive reinforcement and guidance techniques for desired behaviors. If any student has frequent behavior problems that are deemed unsafe or inappropriate the Director will communicate this with the parents. Behavior not improved upon after three written communications will result in a week probationary period. If these behaviors continue the child will be dismissed from the program. Kiddos reserves the right to dismiss without prior incident if other children or staff are put at risk.

Attendance policy: All students must be registered with Kiddos. Paperwork must be completed and fees paid. Registered students are eligible to attend any day school is open. Sick children may not remain in the program and must be picked up promptly.

Baby Sitters: We have really awesome after school teachers! Some of them babysit our after schoolers. We do not prohibit this but do require parents to understand if they choose to hire a Kiddos employee the employee will clock out before signing students out and Kiddos is not responsible for the employees behavior and actions during the time you hire them to babysit.

Cell Phone Policy: NO CELL PHONE USE WHEN PICKING UP YOUR CHILD. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Child Abuse Policy: Kiddos’ primary concern is the safety and well-being of the children. See Law Below:

Child care and day care personnel having reasonable cause to believe that a child under the age of 18 has had physical injuries inflicted upon him/her by other than accidental means by a parent or guardian, or has been neglected or exploited by a parent or guardian or has been sexually assaulted or sexually exploited, MUST be reported or cause reports to be made to the Department of Human Resources, Child Protection Agency.

Conflict Resolution: Students enrolled in Kiddos will experience situations with other students of all ranges who attend E. Rivers. Anytime there is a conflict physical, verbal or otherwise we will take steps to rectify the situation as best we can. Every situation is different and we will use re direction, pier resolution, discussion, removal of privileges at Kiddos and parent meetings to work on resolving things that come up. At NO time may a parent approach another student and we are not authorized to disclose what the other students “consequence” is.

  • COVID 19:
  • **Reporting: We require parents report all of your child's Exposure or positive tests to COVID within 2 hours of finding out (even on weekends) and details such as when symptoms arise, when test was taken etc. Those who are found in violation will be suspended from Kiddos. If your students class is asked to quarantine please remember to text your director.
  • **Absence: In order to maintain a high quality program we must maintain overhead and keep Quality staff, so we do pay them even when kiddos is closed even due to COVID, thus tuition is due even if absent due to to COVID. We will take request for financial assistance on a case by case basis.
  • **Policy: We follow the strictest policy between APS and Bright from the Start (State Childcare Licensing) when regarding masks, group size, social distancing, quarantine length etc.

Date & Times: Kiddos is open from 2:30 6:00 when School is in Session. Kiddos is closed when school is out for scheduled days, holidays or inclement weather.

Drop-In: All Drop In students must be registered with Kiddos prior to the date of the first Drop In. Drop-Ins MUST confirm a spot each day. Parents/Guardians must TEXT MESSAGE, EMAIL or CALL for confirmation. ADDITIONALLY students must bring a note to show the teacher they are going to Kiddos for that day.

Electronics: There are no Electronics allowed. Any toys or electronics brought to Kiddos are not the responsibility or Kiddos.

Emails: We limit our emails but you will receive them for quarterly updates, emergency situations, and invoices. Parents are responsible for opening and knowing the information in the emails.

First Day enrolled at Kiddos: Once you have registered your child online please make sure you have notified kiddos and your childs school teacher of the exact start date. To notify Kiddos call 404.821.8210 or email To notify the teacher send a note to the teacher notifying them of transportation changes.

Home Work Policy: Students will have a maximum of 1 hour per day to complete homework during SMART CLUB. If students do not finish in that time they will need to finish at home. We are not able to assist with long term projects or book reports but may offer time within the hour to work on it. Ratios are 1 to 15. While we make every effort to assist and guide students in completing their homework, the parent has the ultimate responsibility of checking over homework. We do not guarantee 100% correctness or completeness. During Kiddos Special events and rehearsals we do not do homework. Generally 4 days per year.

Illness and Communicable disease: Attendance of an ill child with communicable diseases such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), head lice, scabies, ring worm, chicken pox, diarrhea, fever etc. will not be permitted. Parents will receive written notification when a communicable disease has been introduced into the program. It is the parents responsibility to notify Kiddos of any communicable disease their child has and may have brought to our program otherwise we are required to report any suspected case of notifiable Communicable disease to the local county Health Department.

Insurance: All Kiddos enrolled must be currently covered by health insurance. Kiddos does not carry individual liability insurance. All medical expenses incurred in the rare event of injury or illness will be incurred by the guardian.

Late Pick Up Policy: Students must be picked up no later than 6:30 according to the Kiddos I-phone Clock. All below Late Fees will be auto charged to the card on file on the 15th of each month.

- 1 & 2 Occurrences: $5 + $1/ per minute is charged

- 3, 4, & 5 Occurrences: $15 + $1/ per minute is charged

- 6,7, & 8 Occurrences: $30 + $1/ per minute is charge

- 9th Occurrence student(s) will no longer be eligible to attend.

- If a student is picked up late more than three times in a one month than there will be a 2 month probationary period in which we will discontinue care for the student if late.

If a child is not picked up by 7:30 DFACS will be contacted.

Medical Policy: In the case of emergency, 911 will be called and students will be transported by ambulance to Piedmont Hospital. Please provide inhalers/Epi pens for known medical conditions. There is a medical form that must be filled out and turned in for any medications that must be giving and must include any possible adverse reactions and instructions on when and how to administer it. No medication provided by Kiddos or without the appropriated medication forms will be administered.

Notices and important Information: There will always be a posted copy of the Kiddos license, a copy of the rules, the monthly Calendar, and all other important information on a trifold at the sign in table

Parents Behavior: We ask parents to follow rules. This includes being respectful to teachers, families and other children. All policies must be followed. Kiddos maintain the rights to discontinue care to a student based on parent or authorized pick up behavior.

Parents Welcome: Parents are welcomed to observe and interact as well as join us in any area that is utilized by kiddos. We would also like to invite parents to feel welcomed to participate and volunteer in any activities or special events we take part in. We always welcome any questions or concerns as well as feedback from our parents and would be happy to provide parents with progress reports for their children.

Pick-up and Escort Policy: An authorized adult MUST report to the Cafeteria to sign out your child(ren). Once your children are signed out they must remain with the adult until escorted out of the building.

Refusal of Care: Kiddos reserves the right to discontinue care to any student enrolled in the program at any time for any reason in any of its employment practices, educational programs, services or activities, other than on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Signs: Please use our signs to gain information about our program. It is the parent’s responsibility to check our Boards for information about payments, permission slips, upcoming events and other important info.

Snacks: Snacks and Lemonade are provided to registered Kiddos students whom are currently signed in. Please let us know if your child has an allergy as well as the severity and medical supplies/steps. You may pack additional snacks.

Transportation: We provide no transportation for After School @ Rivers

Tuition: Please scroll below to see Tuition Policies

Updated Information Policy: Parents are responsible for updating Kiddos on any significant changes as they occur in the enrollment information. (ie. phone numbers, address, emergency contacts, pickup list etc).

Weather Policy: On days or partial days when school is closed due to inclement weather such as tornados, snow etc. Kiddos will be closed. It is the guardian’s responsibility to be aware of early dismissal and school closings. No reimbursement will be issued for these days. In the case of an emergency or severe weather during kiddos we will follow procedure and either get to a safe place in the building, meet at a safe place outside of the building or evacuate to our safe location is at Northside Presbyterian.


FULL TIME PAYMENT POLICY ALL Full Time Tuition is paid online using Visa, Discover or MasterCard. No checks or Cash is permitted. For your convenience once you register with Kiddos you will be set up for Auto Billing on the 15th of each month from time of registration through May.

If for any reason you need to update the card on file, pay early or request an extension simply send an email to 2 business days prior to the Auto billing and we will get you all set up. Late Payments will incur a $25 charge. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you have a financial hardship or situation in ADVANCE of the payment due date. We understand life can happen and we want to work with you so contact in ADVANCE. If you are late without notice more than 3 times you will be unenrolled from Kiddos. If you are not caught by the end of the month you will be unenrolled from Kiddos until balance is paid.

  • Tuition is due still when absent due to COVID-19 up to 10 days. IF APS or the school shuts down for longer then 7 business days we will stop payment and/or refund remaining tuition. In order to maintain a high quality program we must maintain overhead and keep Quality staff, so we do pay them even when kiddos is closed even due to COVID. We will take request for financial assistance on a case by case basis.


If your schedule changes and you no longer need Kiddos Full Time we require 2 weeks’ notice EMAILED to This allows us to maintain a high quality program so we can schedule teachers and activities according to enrollment. Because tuition is a fixed rate when you leave you may owe a balance OR we may owe you.

We do a simple math problem to see how many instructional days your kiddo has been enrolled and how much you have paid.

Total Tuition Incurred= Number of Instructional Days Enrolled X Daily Rate Tuition Incurred

Balance Due or Refunded = Total Tuition Incurred - Total Tuition Paid

THERE IS A $25 FEE TO SWITCH BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN DROP IN to FULL TIME, or Full time to DROP IN. In order to better serve you we ask that you select which works best for your families’ schedule. It is not recommended to switch between fulltime and drop in each month. We do know not everything is foreseeable and therefore the first change fee is complimentary.


For consideration which I acknowledge, I irrevocably grant to Kiddos LLC and their publishers and partner the right to use my/my child’s image, name, and/or statement for incorporation into a Kiddos product in all forms and media including advertising and related promotion. I grant the right to use my/my child’s image, name, and/or statement in connection with all uses of the Kiddos LLC or product and waive the right to inspect or approve use of my/my child’s image, name, and/or statement as incorporated in the product. I release Kiddos and their publishers and partners from all liabilities related to any claims of copyright infringement or other compensation. I acknowledge that I have no ownership rights in the Kiddos product. I have read and understood this agreement.


I hereby authorize Kiddos employees to administer first aid and CPR to my child. In the event that I cannot be reached I hereby authorize Kiddos LLC, and its employees to authorize transportation of my child to Children’s Healthcare Emergency Room. I hereby grant my consent for the hospital and its medical staff to provide my child with emergency medical treatment which a physician deems necessary. I agree to accept financial responsibility for all medical expenses incurred.

All policies must be agreed to before check out during online registration. For any questions or clarification on policies please contact us at 404.955.3184 or