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After School Info

Contact Info: Lexie Fuhrman, Director - 404.821.8113

Location: We are onsite at Atlanta Classical Academy, 3260 Northside Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

Grades: K-8th (We cannot take ANY Highschoolers at this time)

Times: Open until 6:00 pm every day school is open.

Enrollment: We have Full time or Drop In Options.

Follow these easy steps to get registered at Kiddos for the 1st day of Kiddos!

  1. Read all our Policies HERE
  2. Login or Create a New Account by clicking HERE
  3. Register each child for Kiddos Full Time or Drop In and fill out ALL the questions thoroughly, update any new info.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with details about the first day!
  5. Feel free to text or call Kelly Dunn, 404.821.8113, for questions or start date.
  • After School

What Goes on during After School...

After the bell rings students come to the cafeteria where they are greeted with a big smile, a wide variety of snack options. Each day is broken into Snack time, Outside time, Homework Help, and Activity Choices. We also offer After School Specials, Fun Fridays and a Showcase each semester! Our days are well planned out, our leaders are dedicated, our customer service is stellar, ratios are 1 to 15, our students are the best AND our After School teachers are energetic, trained and love their job!


SNACK TIME: We provide a wide variety of prepackaged snacks for students to choose from each day! We make snack time an enjoyable time to relax and socialize with friends and Kiddos teachers.

HOME WORK TIME: Smart Club is an hour each day offering students time to do homework, study or read. We set clear standards and expectations for students so they are encouraged to do their best. While we cannot guarantee accuracy we can guarantee to create an atmosphere that encourages responsibility, confidence, hard work, patience and independence. Teachers are on hand to answer questions, review and make sure our standards are met. SMART CLUB goes above and beyond homework time.

ACTVITY CHOICES: Each day your student will get to choose between 4 activities choices! Every day is different! We always offer a variety including sports, Creative Writing, Science, Drama, Nature, Art, Dance, Music and more!!!

SPECIALS: We love finding things kids REALLY love and making into a long term skill or project! From Super Hero Club and Fashion

Design to Flag Football and our Young Adults club for 5th graders. Each semester we offer long term Specials that meet once each week during after school!

FUN FRIDAYS: Our Fridays are ALWAYS something to look forward too! We like to mix it up with our Kiddos traditions, favorites and love bringing in new ideas! From our Spanish Celebranos and Fort Building to our Holiday Restaurant and Newspaper Day Fridays are not an event to be missed at Kiddos!


Full Time Tuition


1st Child: $1800/semester | 2nd Child: $1300/semester | 3rd Child: $375/semester

We offer a 5 month Fixed rate of $360/month for the 1st child, $260 for 2nd child, $75 for 3rd child.

We Auto charge the card on file IN FULL on the 15th of each month.

Drop Ins

Drop Ins:

There is a $20 Registration fee that is broken into $2/Monthly fee for Drop Ins.

Long story short , we split the reg fee up as our TECHNOLOGY doesn't offer the flexibility we need for DI and this change allows system to handle.

1st Child: $25/Day | 2nd Child: $17/day | 3rd Child: $5/day

Drop Ins will be tallied at the end of each month. An email notice will be sent letting you know the total due. Then you will have 3 business days to review and the system will auto charge the amount due to the card on file.

We only take Online Payments (Visa, MasterCard & Discover). Full Time must pay using our online system. No Checks & No Cash.

*ALL 7th,& 8th will receive $75 off per month for full time and Drop Ins will receive $5 off/per day. They will be offered a SEPERATE schedule from the Lower grades. This will include social and snack time and focus on providing a study hall, offering mentor opportunities to lower grades and working on a group project. (USE CODE 75OFF)

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! Everyone Must reapply We offer sliding scale scholarships based on first come first served. We consider income, and other extenuating circumstances. You will be required to provide supporting documents for income and the circumstances for us to review the application. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

You will be required to accept and follow all our policies before completing Registration. Please to see our Kiddos Policies & Procedures