About Us

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How it all began....

It was January 1st, 2011 when I had a real Aha Moment. I figured, "New Year, new idea." When most were doing that New Years resolution thing, it all suddenly came together for me. For five months, friends said I was “MIA”, because I couldn’t stop working to create Kiddos. I was hooked; hooked on offering a new choice, a fun place to play, letting kids make some decisions, hiring employees who were energetic role models, having Fridays that were real events, and showing that after school doesn’t have to be a taboo place to send your child.

Summer 2011 was our first day of camp season and we grew from 25 to 70 Kiddos in 3 weeks! Then came an awesome first after-school year with our Kiddos at E. Rivers Elementary. We continued to grow with an amazing group of team members. Each summer and school year became better than the last!

In 2013 I bought a school bus and painted it my favorite color, blue; realized that water colors are really hard to clean off of tables; added Sutton after-school program; then learned that middle-schoolers prefer to do things that were their idea.

Fast forward to 2017... We have 4 After School Programs including E. Rivers, Atlanta Classical, Garden Hills and Sutton after-school program; We also were voted BEST SUMMER CAMP in Atlanta in the Totally Awesome Awards for Red Tricycle! We are partnered with Golden Key Honour Society making it possible to offer a kiddos experience in under-served communities. As we continue to grow, keeping 'The Kiddos Way' alive requires an AMAZING team, or as we have a "Framily." Luckily, I have five of the best people I know leading Kiddos in to 2017!

The Kiddos team leaders are a group of extraordinary people who work with me to provide a caring, high energy, well organized, and over the top program! I searched high and low for Ms. Jennifer and am lucky to have her kind spirit spear heading our NEW Kiddie Camp for 3, 4 and 5 year olds! One of my dearest friends and one of the most fun people I know, Ms. Kelly runs our Day Camp and will make the 7th summer of Kiddos even better then the last. Ms. Chay who is making sure our customer service and behind the scenes continues to grow with us, she is the sweet voice who now answers our Kiddos main number! I know you will love these people just as I do.

I have always been that kid who wants to do it better than the last time, so I am excited to have you join us this Summer -- but I really can’t wait to show you what the Kiddos Framily has in store for! Some might say I am crazy (in fact many do). BUT I am confident it’s a good crazy, the kind that’s fun, full of energy, very caring and equally detail obsessed!

See you this Summer!

Lara Cornett


Head Honchos


Lara Cornett, Owner

Our kiddos call her Excel and she is the Creater and Operator of Kiddos. Lara attended Morris Brandon, Sutton, North Atlanta and received a BBA from Georgia State. Growing up in Atlanta as a camper, after schooler and eventually a counselor, teacher, mentor, director and creater, Kiddos is her way of impacting the community that has raised her.


Ms. Chay, Office Manager

Our kiddos call her Cornbread! Miss Chay has been with kiddos for 3 years and fully embraces and loves Kiddos Culture and ensures our parent customer service is top notch. She is the voice on the other end of the office phone making sure our families are well taken care of and is the glue that keeps the behind the scenes of EVERY program organized and GREAT.


Ms. Jennifer, Director @ Garden Hills

Our kiddos call her Bambi! Jennifer is the Director of Garden Hills After School and of our NEW Kiddie Camp this summer. She moved to Atlanta ten years ago from Washington, DC where she worked with children through the Americorps Teach for America program, mentoring programs and has seven years of experience as an early childhood teacher. Her kindness, hard work, compassion and willingness to take on a challenge make her the perfect leader for our Kiddos for the 5th year!


Ms. Kelly, Director @ E. Rivers

Our kiddos call her Pippi! Kelly is the Director of Kiddos @ Atlanta Classical Academy After School and Kiddos Day Camp. Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, Kelly now calls Atlanta home after attending North Atlanta High School and then graduating with a Sociology Degree from Georgia State University. She has ten years of experience working at summer camps/after school and has been with Kiddos since we started. She is full of energy and has a fun way of getting Kiddos engaged.


Ms. Lexie, Director @ Atlanta Classical Academy

Our kiddos call her Starbucks! Lexie has been with Kiddos for 6 years and helped open the Kiddos @ Atlanta Classical Academy 4 years ago! She also created curriculum and trained a team our Golden Key Camp as Assistant Director.. This will be her first year Directing a program and we are excited to see her continue to make sure Kiddos @ ACA is top notch!


Faithful Crew

We have the most fun and loyal people in Atlanta! ...If youv'e been to Kiddos chances are you know Minime, Starbucks, Pepto, Drops, Miss Hola, Lazer, Smash and Keebler all of who have been here for 4 or more years and will be back for summer 2017 along with some of our Kiddos Framily newbies Superman, Baller, Sassy, Pickle, Sweet Tart and more!